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The job of our city leaders is to listen to the voices of those most impacted when making every decision. If I’m elected, I will serve District 2 by consistently centering our neighbors in every decision at City Hall.

My mission is to amplify the voices of our racial, climate, and economic justice coalitions and make sure that those voices are heard. I will be unwavering in my commitment to the people of my community, and I hope you’ll join me in this fight. Together we can declare our right to the city and build the future we all deserve.


The first principle of my candidacy will be to represent YOU in City Hall. As the campaign progresses, we’ll be listening to residents, workers, activists and employers in the district and developing a platform that best serves the community.

There are some pressing issues facing us right now. There are a few things I believe are critical to making our District and our City a place where working families can thrive:

Repairing The Harm

Repairing The Harm

The Seattle we are building will have a home for every person. We will reverse the historical effects of redlining and racial disparities in education funding, life expectancy, and wealth. I will propose an education committee comprised of educators, councilmembers, school board members, and community leaders.

Democratizing Wealth Power and Resources

Democratizing Wealth Power and Resources

Our neighborhoods belong to us, and they aren’t for sale. As a city councilmember, I will vigorously oppose the sale of our community’s land to the highest bidder and will expand the creation of community land trusts. District 2 needs more childcare options, permanently affordable housing, and more parks (without displacement).

Planning for the Seventh Generation

Planning for the Seventh Generation

We are facing an existential climate threat and we will have to rise to meet this challenge. I will work with frontline communities to implement the recently-passed Green New Deal resolution. This is an ambitious, broad-scope effort that includes 100% public utilities, free and expanded public transit, and green union-wage jobs right here in District 2.


  • I’m proud to support Tammy Morales for District 2 Seattle City Council. Tammy is a champion for working families. She’s been a strong advocate for policies that protect against displacement and is committed to building a local economy that works for everyone.

    Pramila Jayapal
    U.S. Representative, WA-07

  • Our City Council must be willing to work with Olympia to find solutions to our broken tax system and ensure that the voices of our racial, economic and climate justice advocates are heard in City Hall. Tammy Morales has both the policy experience and the grassroots experience to make both of those things happen.

    Rebecca Saldaña
    State Senator, 37th District

  • I’m proud to endorse Tammy Morales for Seattle City Council. Tammy is a proven advocate for workers. Whether it’s organizing rallies against New Seasons grocery and their unfair sick leave policies, standing with Space Needle and hotel works, or helping my office strategize on our campaign for a Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, Tammy knows that if you’re working for a living, you should be able to support yourself and your family. I know she’ll be a strong advocate for the people of District 2.

    Teresa Mosqueda
    Seattle City Councilmember, Position 8

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